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Welcome to Adaptive HR Solutions

Adaptive HR Solutions provides human resource and business solutions designed
to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business through the proper management of your employees.

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Did you know
that employers with just a few employees
are covered by many of the same federal laws
that govern Fortune 500 companies?

Number of employees Number of Federal
1-10 11
11-14 12
15-19 15
20-49 17
50-99 26
100+ 28

Are you prepared to properly abide by these laws - plus
all of the required state laws - that affect your business?

Unlike other regulations, Human Resource laws are
constantly changing. Are you up to speed?

We are here to help.

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Chad V. Sorenson, SPHR, brings over 15 years of business experience to
Adaptive HR Solutions. Throughout his career Chad has dealt with numerous
HR situations ranging from simple benefit questions to complicated legal actions.

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