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Adaptive HR Solutions provides innovative human resources solutions
to small and mid-sized companies in Northeast Florida. 

Services and solutions we provide include:

  • Human Resource Assessments
    Gives you a baseline assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in your current HR program
  • Employee Manuals
    Review your current employee manual to ensure it is consistent with your company’s philosophy and current laws; or create a new manual for you and your employees
  • Training Programs   Learn more & View VIDEO
    Supervisor training, sexual harassment training, leadership skills training, diversity training 

  • Leadership Development
    Full program development to enhance the skills and effectiveness of your leadership team
  • Employee Career Development & Succession Planning
    Design a career path for your employees and get their skills to where you want and need them to be; who are your next generation leaders?
  • Policy and Procedure Development
    Create policies or procedures for your business operations or human resource needs
  • HR Department Start Up
    For those companies without an HR department, we help develop one to meet your needs and keep you compliant with the myriad laws and regulations that cover employees and employers
  • Employee Communications
    Regular communications with employees is essential to making them become fully engaged with your company
  • Meeting Facilitation
    We will facilitate your meetings to make them more productive and profitable or provide training so you can lead a meeting that your employees enjoy attending

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