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Employer Advocacy Group

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Chad Sorenson
Doug Wilder
Gregg Gerlach
The Employer Advocacy Group consists of three separate organizations, Gerlach Employment Law, Adaptive HR Solutions, and Wilder Business Success. Together, employee issues are approached business issues from three perspectives of employment law, human resources, and executive coaching to achieve superior outcomes for employers.

Meet The Team

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Chad Sorenson

HR Expert
Adaptive HR Solutions

Doug Wilder

Business Coach
Wilder Business Success
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Gregg Gerlach

Employment Lawyer
Gerlach Employment LAw
Support businesses, protect employers, train leaders, prevent HR disruption, and make the workplace a better environment for everyone.
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Previous Events

  • Turning Culture Into Cash
  • Recruiting, Revving, & Relinquishing Employees
  • The Rogue Employee
  • Workplace Violence
  • Hiring During Low Unemployment
  • Performance Management
  • Should Employers Apply #MeToo Standards?

Get to Know Us

Learn more about the Employer Advocacy Group, how we support businesses, and our previous events, topics and guest speakers.

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