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192 Life in the Leadership Lane

Podcast Interview | Bruce W. Waller

June 8, 2024

Foreword to Who Cares?

Book | Publisher, Cassandra Smith  | Author, Dr. Lynn Johnson

May 14, 2024

HR Priorities for a Successful 2024

Petrogram | Linda Esterson 

Spring 2024

 Jacksonville Industry Retrospective

Wilder Success Blog | Doug Wilder 

December 2023

Unsung Heroes: The Untold Story of HR | An Unexpected Lifeline During Hurricane Ian

Alexander Alonso, Nancy A. Woolever | SHRM 2023

June 2023

Anybody Out There? 

Convenience Distribution Magazine | Pamela Mills-Senn

Fall 2023

How to Retain Your Talent

SHRM | Lin Grensing-Pophal

August 9, 2023

Companies need to develop policies regarding employee side gigs and hustles | Managers at Work

Rochester Business Journal | Kathleen Driscoll

August 3, 2023

Chad Sorenson On How We Need to Adjust to the Future

Thrive Global

October 2022

Side Hustles

SHRM | HR Magazine

Fall 2022

Supporting Employees During a Hurricane

SHRM | Resources and Tools 

August 26, 2022

Chad V. Sorenson, President of HR Florida - Feature

Volume 12, Issue 8 | HR Professionals Magazine 

August 2022

Workplace Romance Is on the Rise

SHRM | HR Magazine 

June 7, 2022

Job applications a top HR business cybersecurity


March 3, 2022

The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work: Chad Sorenson Of HR Florida On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together

Authority Magazine 

January 2, 2022

Inflation is rapidly rising, so how should employers approach pay?

The Business Journals

December 9, 2021

Up-To-Date Guidance on the Vaccination Mandate • Risky Benefits S2, Ep. #12

Risky Benefits Podcast

June 7, 2021

No Longer Business as Usual? A Mindful Guide for Returning to the Workplace

SHALE Magazine

May 19, 2021

HR burnout: Why leaders must ensure own well-being as Covid, remote-work shift exact tolls

Remote Report

May 14, 2021

DEI Efforts that Matter: How to Drive Real Change in Your Organization


May 5, 2021

HR Pro on the Value of DEI: Differences Spark Innovation, Engagement

HR Daily Advisor

May 3, 2021

Building a Sustainable DEI Program: How to Get Started


March 23, 2021

Employer Responsibilities and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Risky Benefits Podcast

February 2, 2021

Why Many Employers Want to Make COVID-19 Vaccines Mandatory

January 26, 2021

Pandemic Effects on HR tech: Hits, Misses and What's Next

December 14, 2020

Tips for the Workplace During the Coronavirus Crisis

July 2, 2020

Risk Management Best Practices for your COVID-19 Return to Work Plans

The LiveSafe Prevention Podcast

April 28, 2020

How HR Teams Can Maintain Compliance with a Virtual Workforce

April 15, 2020

A Business Owner's Guide to Working from Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 19, 2020

How to Make a Merger Successful

HR Magazine | Spring 2020

February 28, 2020

HR Magazine | Spring 2020

February 26, 2020

Industry Insider Tips from Chad Sorenson

Ricky Ahuja presents: Industry Insider

January 20, 2020


Florida Weekly

June 26, 2019

Florida Chamber Launches Institute for a Safer Florida

Florida Daily

February 27, 2019

Small business hiring trends 2019: What to focus on to stay ahead


You Worked Hard to Recruit 2018 Grads—Now Get Them to Stick Around


Should Your Company Offer Unlimited PTO?

American Express

November 08, 2018

Florida Businesses Struggle To Reopen Without Power After Irma


September 12, 2017

Workplace Violence

News 4 Jax

August 26, 2015

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