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Company Management PRESENTATIONs


Discover innovative leadership strategies* taught by Chad Sorenson. These company training sessions focus on creating dynamic leaders, increasing employee engagement, and enhancing the effectiveness of the workforce while protecting the organization with functional employer compliance. 


  • Being the Coach & Counselor

  • Communication Skills

  • Creating a shared vision

  • developing & Maintaining trust

  • delegation & engagement

  • fmla for Supervisors

  • growing next generations of leaders

  • Hiring & Interviewing skills

  • identifying & managing conflict

  • leading by example

  • motivating a team

  • performance & Goal setting

  • Your role as a manager

  • sexual harassment training

*Sample topics are listed, but each can be adapted for meet the needs of our clients. We can also create additional training programs to help address specific issues or support the evolution of an organization.

Program structure

Leadership Development Programs are often structured as a series of interactive training sessions each lasting one to two hours. The sessions are held at the convenience of our clients, but usually occur once or twice per month over six to ten sessions. A boot camp of company-wide training sessions can be developed and presented annually for all new and potential managers. 

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