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10 Reasons Hr Professionals Are Glad 2020 Is Ending

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

1. Our Heads & necks have become sore from carrying the weight of too many hats

2. our PJs may be permanently fused to our bodies

3. we're close to completing our medical degrees after hearing about so many symptoms

4. We're worried about being sucked into the computer after 126,003 Zoom Meetings

5. We're concerned about potential addiction to hand sanitizer

6. We're afraid our pets might start talking back

7. We're running out of cocktails to make for "Quarantinis" (while avoiding the reality that we're just drinking alone)

8. Sexual Harassment seminars make less sense when the only "co-worker" in the building is a spouse or a pet

9. Our 2020 Bingo Cards are full

10. Because we're people-people and sometimes just need a hug!

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