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Compliance update: Form i-9

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced extensions related to Form I-9.

Form I-9 Extensions

On October 11th, the DHS announced that even though current I-9 forms include an expiration date of October 31, 2022, employers should continue to use this form until further notice (form has a revision date of 10/21/2019 at the bottom). When a newer form is available, the DHS will publish a Federal Register notice regarding the newest version.

The DHS also announced that it is extending its temporary policy permitting the Form I-9 flexibilities that began March 2020. This announcement is part of the continuation of the state of the National Emergency concerning COVID. Employees may continue to review I-9 documents virtually until July 31, 2023, for those employers are who are working remotely due to COVID.

What Does This Mean for Employers?

  • Continue to use the current I-9 form

  • Stay tuned for information on the upcoming Federal Register notice

  • Continue reviewing specified I-9 documents virtually for applicable employees

  • Look for the update regarding the virtual review of I-9 documents in July of 2023

If you have any other compliance issues or questions, from employee classification to the impact of natural disasters, please reach out to us.

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