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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

As companies prepare to welcome employees back to work, there are several steps employers need to consider to ensure a safe work environment. This week I discussed these strategies on the Prevention Podcast and talked about topics employers should be doing now to get ready for the inevitable return-to-work including:

Safeguard Your Employees

  • Health & screening requirements

  • Social distancing in the office; sharing offices or common spaces

  • What PPE may be required in the near term

  • Cleaning and sanitizing offices

  • Employee communications

  • Visitor and customer entrances to offices

Policy Changes

  • Work from home requirements

  • Applicability of Expanded Family Medical Leave and Emergency Paid Sick Leave for the remainder of 2020

  • Regular PTO and leave challenges

Future Outbreaks

  • Organizational response to a resurgence of the pandemic

  • Immediate and temporary telework transition

Training for Managers and Employees

  • Managing performance for teleworkers

  • Employee relations changes during the pandemic and beyond

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