Times are changing

Two articles in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reminded me that unless we are purposeful about our culture and work relationships, things will get messy.

One article focuses on annoying colleagues back in office together, and the other on heavy demands from CEOs. Both articles identify trends at work that left unchecked could create additional problems.

It might be two employees used to working alone at home that start to bicker. First, they clash over food in the work refrigerator, and then they argue over who saw which customer first. It might be CEOs telling employees to pick up the pace because the company needs to survive a worsening economy. The climate in the workplace is evolving, and this means employees, managers and even the C-Suite are in for a change.

Calibrating Workforce Expectations

The number of job openings has decreased over the past two months. However, openings still outnumber the unemployed by nearly two to one. How is this impacting the C-suite? When management demands abrupt changes and does not provide concessions for employees, these businesses risk losing talent. However, it is a two-way street and the tables will turn. Just like the administration is hoping for a soft landing with the economy, businesses must make changes deliberately and cautiously.

Let’s look at the C-Suite’s expectations of the workforce. In general, the leadership of an organization desires a strong and well-functioning team. These executives want to en